A glimpse into a systemd future -- Josh Triplett

2014-08-28 16:00..16:45 in Room 327

Let's look at a future Debian system, taking full advantage of systemd components and features.

This presentation will take an entirely different approach from past discussions of systemd in Debian. Rather than thinking about how to avoid or replace individual components, we'll look at how they fit together, and what unique functionality they provide.

Finally, after exploring this world of the future, we'll return to the present and discuss ways to enable smooth transitions. We'll also explore facilities in systemd that support easier and better integrated selection of components, both for system services and within user sessions.

Technologies covered include journald, systemd-networkd, socket activation, timer units, containers, and systemd user sessions. Goals include reducing boot time, reducing duplicate configuration, improving system manageability, improving battery life, and unifying graphical session startup.


Josh Triplett